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Flower Care


To ensure you have long lasting flowers it's important you read the following information. If you do follow this tips we are confident you will be rewarded with long lasting beautiful blooms.


If you receive flowers that have been arranged in florists foam, make sure you top the water up daily, fresh tap water will do perfectly. Take care not to overfill.


If you receive cut flowers be sure to trim the stems diagonally about 2cm from the base before placing into clean water. Take special care to remove all leaves that will be underwater, as leaves and petals in the water cause bacteria to grow and will kill your flowers faster.


When you receive your fresh roses from us you’ll notice that we have taken certain measures to ensure that your bouquet arrives in tip top condition. Along with carefully wrapping the roses, you may notice that some of the outer petals on the roses aren’t as perky, colourful or attractive as the rest of the rose. This is called the guard petal and they are purposefully left on the rose in order to protect it on its journey from our shop to you. 


It is important to remember that these guard petals are NOT a reflection of the health or quality of the roses. To take these off simply pinch and pull at the base of the guard petal.


To ensure longevity of your flowers, you need to take certain measures to keep them fresh for as long as possible, such as trimming a few millimeters off the stems and changing the water every few days. If you wouldn't drink the water in your vase, then neither should your flowers! Please be sure that all the stems are reaching into the water.


Some flower varieties are more thirsty than others and will drink up the water more quickly than others. Please be mindful of this and check everyday that the flowers are in a sufficient amount of fresh water. For breeds like lilies, the pollen will need to be carefully removed from the Stamen once the bloom opens; Roses will need to have the outer petals removed every few days as it opens and grows more mature.

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